Social Media Marketing

Boundless opportunities awaits in social media marketing and the focus of a will is all it takes to harness it. However, finding the right people to get you there will make a whole lot of difference in your journey.

Billions throng the social media and they are always searching for something. The real question is how many of these social media users can probably be the right prospective customers and how can we get them to notice us? This knowledge is the key to social media marketing.

In the digital world, it could be a link, an image, a message, a story or even a video when used in the right way can transform the brand value. Netizens spend a whopping 70% of their mobile internet time on social media and on an average every user checks his timelines at least 17 times per day. This indicates one plain fact that every passing minute hides unlimited potential for grabbing attention in the social media.

The exploding digital traffic is a gold mine of opportunities and diverting them to your website is not an easy task. The steep increase in followers every month does not happen easily. This is where our expertise helps you.

If you have a clear positive will, you need a proven social media marketing service provider who can lead you to sustainable success. We provide the expertise, the strategy, and resources to work on your business goals. We can render a blueprint for consistent overall progress in the future.

Uniox extends effective social media marketing services that can earn the trust of the customers. Our social media team will enable your website to surge higher in ranking on search engines.

Our Social Media Marketing Campaigns are proven to be customer-oriented, up-to-the-minute and proven to deliver successful results.


Audience and Competition Research

Thorough research on prospective clients helps us identify their actual requirement and we do this meticulously. This aids in achieving a better understanding of the client and helps in solving their problems. The research we do on competitors and their strategies helps us counter their methodologies and beat them.

Social Media Strategies

Uniox provides customized strategies for your business and our experts guides you about when, how and what to post. Analyzing your follower’s activities, we can make appropriate changes in the strategies to optimize your performance.

Social Media Content Creation

Uniox specializes in creation of unique contents for your exclusive images and videos and that too every single time. This is vital in drawing attention of the future clients while they scroll down in haste.

Social Media Content Marketing

We market your exclusive content among the suitable users. Uniox promotes your brand through multiple strategies such as paid campaigns, specific ads, and also gets forums to discuss about your brand.

Automation and Repurposing

Uniox helps you save valuable time by automating the process of posting and analyzing your social media content using trustworthy software. The right way of re-purposing can help you to make the most out of your existing content.

Analysis, Reporting & Testing

We furnish weekly reports and trackers on social media activities and rationalizations to optimize the performance. We identify and essay the suitable social media platforms, publishing times, and campaigns in order to make the process fail-proof.