Personalized mass messages

Uniox helps you develop the capacity to deliver personalized messages targeting a specific audience in order to boost the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Segmented messages

Database segmented based on criteria set according to the specific requirements of the client. This can be segregated into target groups based on their location and the preferred communication channel.

Unlimited contacts

Service platforms limit the contacts to a maximum of 10,000. With UNIOX you get unlimited contacts and you can upload them at once.

Integration with other platforms

Uniox gives the option to be integrated with multiple platforms. ERP, E-commerce, and a whole lot of other platforms can integrated with Uniox and receive automatic updates.

Opt-in/opt-out choice

The customers enjoy the liberty to opt their preferred communication channels, the type of message, the suitable time, or even just unsubscribe.

A/B testing

Measure the campaigns effectiveness via A/B testing. Uniox gives you the option to create different templates to find out the response time and improve the efficiency.

World-wide delivery

Uniox delivers cutting-edge services worldwide. Easy accessibility and highly efficient service is guaranteed.

Real-time campaign reports

Uniox enables real-time tracking of the delivery or conversion. The status of the message/conversation is also available online and the recipients response is saved in logs.

SMS targeting specified consumer base increases your engagement online. This helps you keep your customers up-to-date about your products and services and their update. The best part is that this is achieved easily and effectively.

Cost-effective SMS campaigns across sections of the market. Communicate offers and discounts instantly. This increase sales and reduces cart abandonment. Promote businesses through effective SMS campaigns that are economical to the business houses. Customer data can be harvested to ensure effectiveness of future campaigns


  • 5000 SMS
  • Unit Price: 0.35 Ps
  • Total INR: 2000
  • Validity: Unlimited


  • 10000 SMS
  • Unit Price: 0.30 Ps
  • Total INR: 3500
  • Validity: Unlimited


  • 25000 SMS
  • Unit Price: 0.25 Ps
  • Total INR: 7500
  • Validity: Unlimited


  • 50000 SMS
  • Unit Price: 0.20 Ps
  • Total INR: 12000
  • Validity: Unlimited